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The Social Media Guy

Social Media

  • Social Media is an important marketing tool for building business awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales, but it can be daunting to manage it all on your own while running a business, especially with all the trends and frequent updates.
  • Not sure what to post?  Facebook?  Instagram?  LinkedIn?  Learn how to develop a strategy, generate content ideas, and achieve results with ads.
  • Are you a time-poor business owner or manager?  Spend more time working in your business than working on it.
  • Hire me as a content creator, social media manager, or social media specialist on a casual, part-time, or full-time basis.

The Guy

  • Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Perth, The Social Media Guy is better known as James Rodgers.
  • James has a passion for storytelling which has led to opportunities to work across TV, radio, and digital marketing.
  • Meta certified as a Digital Marketing Associate with over 5 years experience in social media marketing.
  • When he is not utilising his skills on social media, James enjoys volunteering his media production skills in the local community.


Pricing & Options


  • Option 1

  • Online Training Courses

    • Online recordings on-demand
    • Personalised step-by-step tutorials
    • Generate Content Ideas
    • Strategy Development
    • Remote Support
    • Yearly Subscription
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Work with me

  • Option 2

  • Content Creator

    • Organic Content Creation
    • Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube
    • Photography, Videography, & Graphic Design
    • Strategy Development
    • Reporting
    • Up to 30 hours per week
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Hire me

  • Option 3

  • Social Media Specialist

    • Content Creation & Publishing
    • Paid Ads Management
    • Photography, Videography, & Graphic Design
    • Strategy Development
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Up to 40 hours per week
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The Process

What to expect

  • Interview
  • Strategy
  • Create & Publish
  • Report & Review


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