Case Study: Styled by B.Browne

Why I love my job I can change someone's day or life even just by spending a short amount of time with them. Being a hairdresser is about growing a relationship with your client by listening and catering to their needs or wants, being sincere and truly caring about them. It's about using art and talent to achieve a look that gives someone not only outer beauty but helps grow inner confidence to help them achieve their goals while helping you reach yours. Being a hairdresser means truly loving people by giving them a bit of positivity for today and leaving them with a gleaming ray of hope for tomorrow ❤️ -Thankyou for creating this video for me The Social Media Guy – James Rodgers #hair #blondes #hairdresser #brownhair #haircut #balayage #blowwave #curls #haircolor #ombre #toner #wella #goldwell

Posted by Styled by B.browne on Monday, 1 July 2019

A promotional video for a hairdresser to showcase her skills and salon.