Important Announcement

The past few weeks have been the busiest of my life and I am glad to finally publicly announce what’s been happening.

After receiving a good offer, I decided to join a marketing agency as a Social Media Specialist. This opportunity will allow me to gain a stronger understanding of social media marketing and the ability to work more efficiently with a larger client base.

So what does this mean for my business and clients? For the time being, I will not be taking on new clients under the banner of The Social Media Guy. All existing clients will continue until the end of the year unless it is agreed otherwise. Please patient at this time of transition.

During this next phase, I’ll be engaging in further research into social media marketing, particularly for small and micro businesses.

As always, I will be available to help small businesses in the local community to answer their questions and as requested I will continue to use my platforms to provide useful tips and information for local businesses using social media.

My phone is always on, you can contact me anytime:

0413 884 734